Wealth Deployment

The entrepreneurs and families to whom we’re referred have already created an unusually broad ripple of influence. Setting out years ago with an intangible sense of purpose, the results of your life’s work are now more tangible than you might have envisioned.

In the midst of all these achievements, it’s logical to contemplate what’s next. How can your history of proven results transcend to a future that’s exponential? Our planning model offers an opportunity to distill the core influences that underly your innate abilities. Together, if we can codify what got you here, we can apply it to your next big calling. 

The Impact Culture™ is an inquiry-driven model that honors your historic achievements, cementing them as stepping-stones for your path forward. Together, we reveal and capture
The Impact Culture that is your family uniquely. 

PHASE 1: Codify Your Why™

For Impact Makers, your financial success is material evidence of your courage to step forward, even in uncertain circumstances. You’ve likely navigated significant obstacles and thrived, creating abundant results from limited resources.

Through your own unique mix of sacrifice, perseverance and vision, you’ve touched so many lives and livelihoods.

Your one-to-many ripple effect is a second skin. It can be difficult to codify the cause that preceded the effect.

In our planning approach, understanding your history allows the design of your future to become more accessible. Together, we explore your Impact Resources. These are your financial and business resources, but equally important, it includes your unique talents, beliefs and life experiences. Likewise, it includes your heritage: the history of your family, how and where you were raised, and perhaps how education or mentorship played a role in shaping your success. It also includes your life path: the decades you’ve spent building your business, thereby impacting your employees, your family and your community.

By distilling the innate gifts that manifested your current success, we can proactively and intentionally apply them to everything you seek to influence moving forward. 

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PHASE 2: Magnify Your Meaning™

Next we examine what your next big cycle of impact can be. While many planning approaches move quickly to the continuity of your financial and business resources, our model begins with creating a continuity plan for your Impact Resources.

For many of our clients, their first cycle of impact was self-driven. In order to create an intentional plan for what’s next, we expand the conversation to individual members of your family’s inner circle. We gain an understanding of each person’s core values, as well as their level of clarity regarding their personal Impact Drivers – the people, passions and causes to which each aspires to direct their resources.

Then we assimilate the individual influences into a cohesive whole. In doing so, we give language to those private moments of pride that validate what your family stands for. Your shared values offer a sense of connection to the soul of your history that can likewise define your future. The collective clarity of your family system paves the way for a high degree of intentionality from here forward.

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PHASE 3: The Culture Maker™

This third phase is where The Impact CultureTM of your family takes written form. In the first two phases, we have codified the values of your past and reconciled them with your family’s shared present. Now we’re poised to transcend those shared values from discussion to deployment.

In The Culture Maker, we develop and document your vision for the application of your family’s Impact Resources and Impact Drivers. Together, we map out the who, why and when of your family’s forward influence. We identify each family member’s unique role for contributing to the result. The outcome of this phase is the crystallization of your family’s inclinations into written Mores that make up your Impact Culture.

The Impact Culture is the distillation of so many points in time: history, present, future and your next imprint on family heritage. At this point in our process, you’ll find yourselves at a place of grounding and celebration about your past, alongside a methodology for shared impact to catapult your future.

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