Wealth Building

If you’re like many of the families with whom we work, you have a strong desire to impact others’ lives – your extended family, faith-based community or philanthropic-circles. Whoever you seek to influence, your post-working years have the potential to expand your ripple of contribution.

Meanwhile, in traditional approaches to financial and retirement planning, just when you’ve earned the right to think big, conversations are full of restrictions. Arbitrary limitations are assigned to what portion of your wealth you can use, and when. Often, planning is defined as a quick retirement projection based on invested assets, not your total wealth picture. This approach narrows the use of your wealth and limits the sheer joy of thinking freely about your next decades. 

In our model, retirement years are a time of joyful expansion, not a shutting down of your reach. Clients often tell us they still want to be productive, yet to do it for the love, not the pay. The Impact Culture offers a chance to protect your family and prudently manage your resources while simultaneously maximizing your influence. It celebrates your innate joy for the generosity of life.

PHASE 1: Codify Your Why™

We come to the table with leadership and coaching, and together we unpack what your next phase of impact can mean for your family. To leverage your full potential, we harvest all of your resources, not just your financial ones.

First, we inventory your intangible Impact Resources. These are the talents, beliefs and life experiences that have shaped your journey so far. It includes your core values around how you show up to mentor, lead and contribute. When you’re at your best, what’s the wisdom that’s driving your wins? Achieving clarity in this area is just as essential to planning as clarity about your numeric assets.

Next we carefully inventory your tangible Impact Resources, gathering and organizing your total wealth picture. This includes your investment portfolio yet also your insurance, real estate and other assets. Perhaps for the first time, you’ll see a complete picture of your assets, in a single snapshot that’s easy to absorb initially, and simple to revisit as desired. Importantly, we model and verify what you’ll need to support your desired lifestyle. In doing so, many find they have greater philanthropic resources than previously anticipated.

With a robust picture of all of your resources, we move into Phase #2.

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PHASE 2: Magnify Your Meaning™

Phase #2 of our model is all about intentionality. With your Impact Resources at hand, we explore and define your Impact Drivers. These are the people, places and causes to which you’ll direct your resources. It’s the pastimes and passions that light you up.

In traditional approaches to retirement planning, the financial projections are mapped as a straight line. This presumes that the way you pass your time will remain exactly the same from year to year.

These clinical projections are often out of alignment with your true financial picture. They can limit your joy-driven giving.

In our experience, a dynamic retirement is much more of a bell curve than a straight line. Families tend to be more active in their early years, in terms of travel, adventures and community outreach. This period is often followed by quieter phases. We carefully align investment choices, tax strategies, timing and cashflow in a manner that mirrors your own rhythm for the use of your resources. It offers agility, flexibility and a stronger long-view than a straight-line approach.

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PHASE 3: The Culture Maker™

Entering Phase #3, we have a clear picture of your Impact Resources – both financial and non-financial – and your Impact Drivers. Now we can mobilize both into a written action plan – the who, why and when of your family’s forward influence.

We believe that while values make up who you are in the world already, culture is about what you do with those values and how long it lasts.

Together, we design an intentional life path and strategy that illuminates your twilight years.

The Impact Culture becomes a living breathing document that guides all of the work that we do together. It provides you with clear context and a durable framework for empowered decision-making – in the short-term and every new turn on your journey. It’s a touchstone to all you’ve built alongside a path to your bigger future.

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