Planning for Global Citizens

When we begin working with Global Citizen families, they often describe two key challenges from their prior financial services experiences. First, the advice they’ve received was isolated to one area of planning – legal, tax, investments or insurance. There was little or no mention of integrating the work across multiple planning disciplines. Likewise, the advice lacked cross-border wisdom and research.

Second, in search of strategic thinking, they were met with a singular product-only solution. Lacking awareness that other opportunities existed, they purchased it. The experience was purely transactional and not all that fulfilling for successful people who are used to global thinking and expansive choices.

Our specialized approach to working with Global Citizens honors several unique characteristics. Unlike the traditional trajectory of being from and living in the same country one’s whole life, our Global Citizen clients have cross-border ties and relationships. The simple question, Where are you from?, can have multiple reference points. Likewise, risk and diversification have unique meaning, beyond the financial markets and into the geopolitical status and the geography of family ties.

The Impact Culture™

Our planning process meets you where you are with different questions and bigger opportunities. Seeing the world as a basket of investment options, we help you take advantage of favorable arbitrage opportunities. This unique vantage point allows you to navigate your financial life through a planning process that is both cross-disciplinary and globally focused.