The Culture Maker™

This third phase is where the Impact Culture™ of your family takes written form. In the first two phases, we have codified the values of your past and reconciled them with your family’s shared present. Now we’re poised to transcend those shared values from discussion to deployment.

In The Culture Maker, we develop and document your vision for the application of your family’s resources. We define resources as your financial and business resources, but equally important, it includes the unique talents, beliefs, and experiences of each family member.

Together, we map out the who-why-and-when of your family’s forward influence. We identify each family member’s unique role for contributing to the result. The outcome of this phase is the crystallization of your family’s inclinations into written Mores that make up your Impact Culture.

The Impact Culture is the distillation of so many points in time: history, present, future and your next imprint on family heritage. At this point in our process, you’ll find yourselves at a place of grounding and celebration about your past, alongside a methodology for shared impact to catapult your future.

That’s The Impact Culture.