Magnify Your Meaning™

Now that we’ve codified the underlying elements that have influenced your achievements, we examine what your next big cycle of impact can be. While many planning approaches move quickly to the continuity of your financial and business resources, our model begins with creating a continuity plan for your Impact Resources.

For many of our clients, their first cycle of impact was self-driven. In order to create an intentional plan for what’s next, we expand the conversation to individual members of your family’s inner circle. We gain an understanding of each person’s core values, as well as their

level of clarity regarding their personal Impact Drivers.

Then we assimilate the individual influences into a cohesive whole. In doing so, we give language to those private moments of pride that validate what your family stands for. Your shared values offer a sense of

connection to the soul of your history that can likewise define your future.

This phase of our model is called Magnify Your Meaning. The collective clarity of your family system paves the way for a high degree of intentionality from here forward.