The Impact Culture™

When we begin working with a new family, the planning approaches they’ve experienced to date have typically focused on facts and figures, policies and documents. The family senses there should be more, yet the questions themselves seem to be missing from the conversation.

Numbers on a page can’t possibly encapsulate your vision for the use of your resources. You can’t help wondering, “what else is out there?”.

At Family Wealth Counseling, we meet you where you are: the contemplation of your next big milestone. We bring leadership, coaching and thought-provoking questions to your planning table. Together, we parse out the unique elements of your wisdom and talent – the core values that

underly everything you’ve achieved so far. These core values convert your intangible gifts to a tangible launch pad. However, they’re also simply the starting point. While values make up who you are in the world already, culture is about what you do with those

values and how long it lasts. The Impact Culture™ is an inquiry-driven model that honors your historic achievements, cementing them as stepping-stones for your path forward. Together, we reveal and capture The Impact Culture that is your family uniquely.